Latest news

18 October 2018

  • We’re pleased to be supporting Green Great Britain Week, which is a Government-led campaign running for the first time this year.

1 October 2018

  • Our chairman has announced he is stepping down from his role having successfully guided Bristol Energy through its start-up phase to become one of the UK’s only publicly-owned energy companies.

14 August 2018

  • Portsmouth Council has decided not to go ahead with Victory Energy, its proposed municipal energy company. Our Managing Director Peter Haigh responds.

 3 August 2018

  • We are increasing the price of our Standard Variable Tariff for existing customers, for the first time since we launched in February 2016. This is because of rising wholesale energy prices, which have gone up by more than 20% in the last two years.

19 July 2018

  • We celebrate our commitment to paying all our staff a real living wage

16 July 2018

  • Bristol Rovers and Bristol Energy kick off the new season with a partnership that will bring sporting benefits to the local community.

6 July 2018

  • The consumer watchdog places us in the top 10 out of over 70 suppliers.

14 June 2018

  • Every Bristol resident is helping to generate renewable energy, as your sewage waste is turned into renewable gas.

16 May 2018

  • Eight Bristol Energy employees are now trained to provide support for colleagues experiencing mental health issues

26 April 2018

  • Bristol City Council has British Gas as one of its electricity suppliers. There has been lots of interest in this story, so we’re keen to explain more.