Latest news

  • Every Bristol resident is helping to generate renewable energy, as your sewage waste is turned into renewable gas.
  • Eight Bristol Energy employees are now trained to provide support for colleagues experiencing mental health issues
  • Bristol City Council has British Gas as one of its electricity suppliers. There has been lots of interest in this story, so we’re keen to explain more.
  • Bristol Energy takes part in a Big Clean Switch to help World Wildlife Foundation supporters switch to renewable energy.
  • We launch the Fuel Good Fund to raise money for tackling fuel poverty.
  • A multi-disciplinary team of experts come together to develop a strategy for tackling fuel poverty in Bristol
  • Volunteers from Bristol Energy have helped over 40 school children with their reading skills
  • This week Campaign for Learning presented Bristol Energy with two awards for our activities during Learning At Work Week 

  • Which? survey ranks Bristol Energy ahead of the Big Six.

  • We announce the lucky winner of our year of free gas and electricity competition.