Our fair and transparent pricing

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We keep our prices as low as we can. So if we make a saving on the energy we buy, we pass this on to you. Simple. Fair. Transparent. The way it should be.

How do we help our customers stay on the best deal?

  • We always explain why our prices are going up, in clear and simple language
  • We start contacting our customers 49 days before the end of their fixed contract, to try and stop them slipping onto an Standard Variable Tariff (which are usually more expensive)
  • And we don’t charge exit fees, so you can leave us at any time.

How do we keep prices fair?

We monitor the energy market daily and review our prices every fortnight. This means, when wholesale market prices go down, we can pass these savings on to our customers.

How do we decide on the prices?

We look at the costs of delivering energy which is set by international markets, the cost of using the electricity and gas networks, national policy changes, the current competitive landscape and our own business needs. We try to be as reflective of the wholesale market as possible.

Why do we give a discount to those receiving paperless bills?

Communicating with our customers electronically reduces costs for Bristol Energy, which we’ve chosen to pass these on to our customers. We encourage customers to receive bills electronically for to save money and reduce paper usage.

Why are prices cheaper if I pay by Direct Debit?

It’s less expensive for us to process payments by Direct Debit, we don’t wait for payment for so long (and therefore require less credit as a business) and we have more guarantee of payment this way.

How often do we launch new products?

It very much depends on how the market changes and what we forecast customers can fairly pay for their gas and electricity supply.

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