Latest news

  • Today could well be the most expensive day of the year for energy customers. 
  • British Gas has announced a 12.5% price rise, which will hit customers in September. This will affect 3.1 million customers.
  • We visit a local primary school with the Bristol Energy solar balloon to teach pupils about the power of the sun.
  • Europe’s first hot air balloon floats alongside the world’s first solar balloon ahead of Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta.
  • Peter Haigh, Bristol Energy's Managing Director, shares his thoughts on Ofgem's recent price cap proposal. 
  • Bristol Energy is proud to support this year’s Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, and its official charity: Great Western Air Ambulance.
  • Energy captured in the Snowdonian mountains is now powering our green customers. We find out more. 
  • We take home two awards as judges declare us 'a real pioneer'.
  • We chat to Zoe Robinson from The Good Wardrobe about why we should think twice before throwing away our clothes.
  • We ask Fig1 Director, Luke Macfadyen, why he’s keeping it green, and local.