Our fuel mix

Wind turbines and rainbows

Where does our energy come from?

We believe in offering our customers gas and electricity at the most competitive rates possible, and we invest our profits back into the local community.

As a new independent energy supplier, the electricity that makes up our standard fixed and variable tariffs is ‘UK grid average’, which we are pleased to say is getting greener as new green energy is added to the national grid.

And because we want to give our customers choice, we also offer a 100% renewable electricity tariff. Our rates are rates competitive here too.

We know that cleaner, greener energy is more sustainable and kinder to the world around us, so we are committed to increasing the amount of green energy we provide across all our tariffs.

We’ve only been open for business since February 2016 and we’re already buying renewable electricity from over 10 generators for the year ahead, from a variety of sources – including wind, hydro, solar, and even bio-generation.

So what does that mean for you?

This is the average mix of energy that comes from the national grid - known as the average grid mix. Because we are committed to offering renewable energy across our range of tariffs, we will always aim to supply more renewable energy than the average. If you’re on one of our standard tariffs, this is where our fuel comes from *

Pie chart of standard fuel mix

32.3% Natural Gas
23.7% Nuclear
24.3% Renewables
17% Coal
2.5% Other fuels

My Green Plus tariff

Pie chart of green fuel mix

We buy our 100% renewable electricity from a variety of independent generators from across the UK, from local Bristol businesses, to Scottish farmers. We keep a record of our green supply through the use of official UK based certificates known as REGOs, so you can be sure that what you’re getting is what we say it is.

Find out more about My Green Plus tariff

If you’re a generator interested in partnering with us, we offer competitive rates, a fresh approach to doing business, and the great service you expect.

Find out more about our generator products and services


*Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Fuel Mix Disclosure Data Table for the disclosure period 01/04/2015 – 31/03/2016

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