Our fuel mix

wind turbines and solar panels

Where does our energy come from?

At Bristol Energy we offer the greenest electricity we can, at the best price we can. And we're helping Bristol to tackle social and environmental challenges such as fuel poverty and climate change – so you can go green, and give back.

Overall our fuel mix for the period between April 2020 and March 2021 was 100% green.

The UK average is 3.5%, so we’re pretty proud of this. We continue to stay well above the national average and we’ll stay green as we grow.

Fuel mix comparison graphs showing Bristol Energy's fuel mix is from 100% renewable energy sources

Want to go even greener?

Switching your energy supplier to one which provides renewable energy is one of the easiest ways to tackle climate change.

We are committed to only offering green tariffs which benefit the environment and our communities. All of our tariffs deliver 100% renewable electricity from UK only sources.

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What is our environmental impact?

As we continue to stay green, our carbon emissions remain at 0%. And we are pleased to say these are below the national average for the year 2020 to 2021.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Bristol Energy - 0 g/kWh

National Grid Average – 182 g/kWh

Radioactive waste?

Because 100% of our electricity comes from UK-based renewable sources, we don’t need to buy power from the National Grid, which means the amount of radioactive waste we produce remains at 0% too.

High-Level Radioactive Waste

Bristol Energy - 0 g/kWh

National Grid Average - 0.007 g/kWh

Our calculations are based on: OFGEM Fuel Mix Disclosure Guidelines

Data we have used has been sourced from: Fuel Mix Disclosure Table 2020-2021

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Some tariffs offer additional benefits to the environment on top of any legal obligations the energy supplier may have. This is called 'Additionality'.

Gas carbon offsets

We purchase gas carbon offset certificates to diminish the impact of our Greenhouse gas (mainly Carbon dioxide) emissions.

For every tonne of carbon emitted through your consumption of gas, we purchase a carbon offset certificate from verified emission reduction schemes. These could be planting trees or supporting projects that reduce carbon use elsewhere.

The carbon offsets we purchase contribute towards global low carbon projects and we match your gas usage with these.

All of our tariffs contain gas carbon offsets. Our greenest tariff, BE Super Green, is 100% carbon neutral.

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