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Like many other organisations, we've changed the way we work during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you can, please use your online account or our app to manage your energy with us. If your query is urgent and you do need to speak to us, it may take us longer to get to your call. You can find out more here about your account, meter readings and how we're working right now.

Managing your energy just got a whole lot easier. Simplify how you manage your energy with us by downloading our customer app. Works on Apple iOS and Android devices.

All customers can check: account balance and 12-month-forecast, bills, historic energy and spend information, account information and read frequently asked questions.

Got a standard meter? (non-smart)

Submit meter readings in a couple of taps.

Sending us meter readings helps to make sure your bills are accurate. If you’ve got a standard meter or a smart meter which isn’t currently sending automatic reads, take the pain out of this process and send these with the app. No more phone calls or emails needed.

Plus, if you’ve got a standard meter you can:

  • View your energy usage based on the meter reads submitted and the more regularly you submit these, the better the charts
  • Register your interest in getting a smart meter installed (2ndgen SMETS2)

Smart meter installed already?

If you’ve already got a smart meter installed (first and second generation SMETS 1/2), and it’s a meter we're communicating with, you can:

  • Monitor how much energy you use and what you’re spending, on the move
  • Set different notifications for:
    • Weekly and monthly reports
    • Alerts based on certain thresholds (energy use, cost or temperature-based)
  • Understand how your energy use compares to homes like yours
  • Check historical energy use information in detail
  • Review forecasts of your energy consumption
  • Get additional insights into how you’re using energy
  • Plus, much more to follow in future versions…

Not currently supported but coming soon

Our app supports the vast majority of customers but there are a few exceptions which we’re working hard to resolve quickly:

  • Pay as you go (PAYG) – also aiming to have payment and account management features for PAYG customers in the version
  • We'll be developing support for these business customers as soon as we can, too.

Future of the app

Be Connected is the name of this app and it’s one of our company values. It means we work hard to stay connected to you. That we listen to, and act on, your thoughts and feedback.

This really is the start and we want to create an industry-leading app, which will increasingly make your lives easier, while keeping you fully informed.

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How you could help

We want you to help us make things better. If you’d either like to help us improve future versions of this app by sending us ideas /feedback or to be involved in testing, please get in touch: