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16 April 2020

The donation to the WHAM project, raised through our Fuel Good Fund, will provide immediate support to local households who are particularly vulnerable to fuel poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic.

31 March 2020

Bristol Energy hit a record level of renewable energy generation last month thanks to Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge.

27 April 2020

We’ve put together a set of questions and answers showing you how Bristol Energy is responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on our customers and staff.

18 March 2020

After two years with Bristol Energy, both as Finance Director and Managing Director, Marek Majewicz has left the business.

18 March 2020 

We’re even recycling our sewage into clean, green gas!

11 March 2020

A growing number of children are being affected by ‘eco-anxiety’

27 September 2019

We’re thrilled our partner has successfully won promotion to the first division of the Specsavers County Championship for next season

17 September 2019

This week, The Future Economy Network showcases the Festival of Sustainable Business, where Bristol Energy will host an event, which will help businesses learn more about sustainability through a series of talks hosted by leaders in the field.

16 September 2019

Bristol Energy's purpose has always been to create a sustainable energy company with social value at its heart. Our new campaign shares these messages with our community and reminds Bristol citizens of the positive impact they can make to the environment and the community by joining us.

9 September 2019

Bristol City Leap, an ambitious project to deliver a zero-carbon, smart energy city by 2030, is today launching a global search to deliver up to £1 billion of investment and provide significant economic benefits for the people of Bristol and its businesses.