Bristol Energy hosts talk on the future of energy

17 September 2019

This week, The Future Economy Network showcases the Festival of Sustainable Business, where Bristol Energy will host an event, which will help businesses learn more about sustainability through a series of talks hosted by leaders in the field.

Bristol Energy will be hosting a talk about the future of energy this afternoon in the Burges Salmon offices.

Our Head of Innovation, Samantha Nicol, will be joined by Rob Hatcher from The Carbon Trust and Lis Blunsdon from Fieldfisher to talk about; decentralisation, how we move from climate emergency declaration to action and new local renewable energy propositions.

It’s fantastic to get so many minds together around the topic of sustainability. We are all learning and growing together. By pooling ideas, we can get to the answers we need, quicker. Events like these are helping businesses discover solutions to their individual sustainability needs and concerns.

Samantha Nicol, Head of Innovation, Bristol Energy

Bristol's Journey towards smart sustainability

With our city striving to be carbon neutral by 2030, and the launch of City Leap, it’s never been a better time to start talking about these types of propositions. Bristol has already started its journey towards becoming a smarter city, but the proposals being made in City Leap will truly cement Bristol as one of the UK’s greenest cities; paving the way for others to follow their lead.

This year, Bristol Energy launched its first innovation with the trial of ‘Heat as a service’; a product that will try to decarbonise heat in the home whilst making it easier to understand, by selling customers a heat plan tailored to their individual home and lifestyle. The innovation is still in its trial phase, but initial reactions from homeowners taking part in the year-long project have been positive.

Innovation at Bristol Energy

Innovation is at the heart of our work at Bristol Energy, as we strive to create a sustainable energy company which has social value at its heart. Energy innovations will help to cut fuel bills, tackle fuel poverty and create a cleaner, greener, healthier world.

If you’d like to hear more about the work our brilliant Innovations team are doing, then go to our innovations page to sign up for more news and information.

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