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We are working towards the Bristol City Council’s goal to make Bristol climate neutral by 2030.

Innovation at Bristol Energy is about designing new products and services that help our customers and city save energy, time and money.

We are part of City Leap – Bristol’s plan to make it a greener, cleaner, healthier city.

We are also working with a range of partners to test new ideas and create new services.

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Changing electricity

You can help us prepare for a greener, cleaner electricity system by getting a smart meter.

Being smarter in the way we use energy is essential to moving to renewable sources of electricity generation.

Carbon strategy for businesses

Helping businesses optimise their property with energy efficiency measures and installation of solar generation and battery storage. Get in touch with our B2B team to find out how we can help you at [email protected].

Energy efficient homes

Helping households make energy efficiency improvements to their properties. Households in our Save with Solar project with Bristol City Council are benefitting from installation of solar generation and battery storage. For more information contact us at [email protected].

Local energy system design

Creating clusters of smart energy businesses and homes, digitally integrated within a local energy system platform, that will enable the delivery of innovative energy and transport services.

Changing heat

We are creating new services that allow customers to heat homes and businesses in new ways.

Bristol Heat Network

Bristol City Council is installing a new network of underground pipes that will deliver low carbon heat across the city. A proven alternative to gas boilers, heat networks are more energy efficient and provide an infrastructure for alternative heat sources.

We will deliver heat from Bristol’s Heat Network to commercial and domestic customers – starting in 2020.

Electrification of heat

A key element to achieving carbon reduction is to explore alternative technologies for domestic heating. Electric heat pumps will likely be a big part of the solution, and we are conducting detailed research to demonstrate the value and feasibility of a large-scale roll-out of heat pumps in homes.

Changing transport

As we generate more electricity from renewable sources, there is the opportunity to power our vehicles from this too.

Be part of our journey to help people move towards cleaner transport

If you have an electric vehicle that you charge at home, you could benefit from moving to our Economy 7 tariff and charging your vehicle during ‘off-peak’ hours. This means you will be charged a lower price to use electricity overnight than during the day.

Contact our electric vehicle team to find out at [email protected]

Changing services

A future energy system will be complex, requiring lots of different technology to manage the way we generate, supply, and use energy.

Our vision is to make services simple, convenient, and comfortable for our customers. One of the key areas we are considering is the provision of heat, power and mobility as a service.

Heat as a Service

This year, we trialled the UK’s first ‘heat as a service’ system. This trial starts our journey to learn more about how customers want heat and warmth to be delivered, moving away from a traditional gas supply model of purchasing kWhs towards ‘warm hours’. We’re currently planning the next phase of the trial.

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