Your energy bill explained

You need to know how much energy you've used and what it costs. To help you with this, we’ll bill you or send you a direct debit statement monthly or every 3 months, depending on how you’ve chosen to pay.

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Terminology: bills vs statements

It might be useful to understand some of the terms we use:


We send ‘bills’ to customers who pay for the energy they use monthly, once they receive their bill. This means you ‘pay on receipt of bill’


We send ‘statements’ to customers who pay monthly with a fixed Direct Debit.

Bills and statements both confirm last month’s balance, the amount of energy used that month and the cost of that energy. To keep things simple, when we refer to bills throughout this page, we’re referring to both bills and statements.

Your bill will show you all payments which have been made to your account since your previous bill. You’ll find this information under ‘payment received’, along with the date we received the payment.

Your bill also shows how much energy you’ve used and how much money you owe, or how much credit you’re in.

Credit vs debit

If you’ve used less energy than your payment amount, then this is known as your account being in ‘credit’. Using more energy puts your account in ‘debit’. Your energy usage is balanced for the year which allows you to build some credit in the warmer months for when you use more over winter.

Please note, a minus symbol in front of an amount on your bill (-£0.59) indicates that we’ve credited your account, or that your overall balance is in credit.

Replacement bill

If we receive new information, or resolve an issue with your account, we may need to send you a replacement bill. Your new bill may show a period for which you’ve already been billed.

What’s an offset bill?

When a bill is offset, we’ve reversed the charges on that bill and credited them back onto your account, along with any payments that were made from that bill.

You can see which exact bill is being credited back to your account by looking for the 9-digit bill number in brackets next to the reference to ‘offset bill’.

The ‘balance brought forward’ under the offset bill(s) is the total of the reversed charges and payments included in the offset bill(s). The correct charges are then re-applied and included in the ‘new charges in this bill’ line, which are detailed on the next page(s).

What is the bill period?

The ‘bill period’ shown may cover a longer period than what you've been charged for. This relates to the way our systems work.

To confirm what you've actually been charged for, check the details under the 'energy charges' heading. We'll only charge you for the period between the dates of the first and last readings on your bill.

I’ve not received my bill

Here are some common reasons why you might not have received your bill when you expect:

We’ve recently taken over your supply

During this hand-over, we might be waiting for information about your supply from your previous supplier. This might delay your first bill. Sometimes this process can take up to 6 weeks.

We’ve recently updated your account

There might be a short delay in receiving your bill if we’ve updated your account. This could be due to a meter exchange or tariff change. As soon as your account is updated, we’ll get your bill out to you.

You’ve recently left us

It takes 4-6 weeks to send you your final bill. If we’re still waiting for information from your new supplier, it could take longer.

What’s the difference between ‘payments received’ and ‘balance brought forward’?

If you receive a replacement bill, any payments you made during the period of time covered by the replacement bill will show under ‘balance brought forward’, instead of ‘payment received’. This is because these payments have been credited back to your account.

As confirmed above, ‘payment received’ shows you all the payments which have been made to your account since your previous bill.

I’m waiting for a refund, how long will it take?

You should receive a refund 7-10 working days after you’ve requested it, subject to our billing team authorisation.

When will I receive my final bill?

If you’re switching to another supplier, we’ll send you a final bill which will confirm your final meter readings and your closing balance. This can take up to 6 weeks to be sent.

Download an illustrated guide to your bill

If you still need to know more about the information on your bill, we've created an in-depth, illustrated guide which you can view, print or download.

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