Paying by Direct Debit

Bristol Energy customer reading bill

Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay for your energy. You’ll pay less for the energy you’ve used and it’s much easier to spread your payments.

You can opt for Direct Debit when you sign up, or change to this method at any time.

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

To set up a Direct Debit contact our Customer Care team.

How will the amount I pay by Direct Debit be calculated?

The amount you pay by Direct Debit is based on how much energy you’re expected to use over the course of a year. It’s a fixed amount every month. This amount will be reviewed regularly and may be increased or decreased based on how much energy you use.

How can I change the amount I pay by Direct Debit?

You can change the amount you pay by Direct Debit by contacting our Customer Care team. We'll review the amount you are paying to make sure you’re not building up too much credit or at risk of getting into debt.

When is the first Direct Debit payment taken?

When you set up your Direct Debit with us, we'll ask you to select which day of the month you would like the payments to be taken from your account. Your first Direct Debit payment will leave your bank account on this day, following your supply start date.

As you’re billed quarterly, we’ll be taking payments before you receive your first bill.

Can I change the date the money leaves my account?

Yes. We recommend you select a date which suits you and when you’re most likely to have sufficient money in your account.

How can I ensure I’m only paying for the energy I use?

You can make sure your Direct Debit payment reflects how much energy you use by providing regular meter reads

Why has the amount I pay by Direct Debit changed?

We review your Direct Debits on a regular basis to ensure you're not paying too much or too little, and its aligned to how much energy you're using.

If we find you have been using more, or less, energy than we expected, the amount you pay will be decreased or increased to reflect this.

If your account is in debt

We’ve considered any debt balance on your account during your review and incorporated this into your monthly amount. This will enable you to pay your debt as well as cover the cost of how much energy you’re expected to use on a monthly basis.

If your account is in credit

Your monthly payments have been based on the amount of energy you’re expected to use. If you have a credit on your account, and you’d like a refund, please contact our Customer Care team. We recommend that you leave the equivalent of one to two months credit on your account to allow for seasonal differences in your energy usage and reduce the risk of going into debt in the future.

Ongoing reviews

We’ll automatically review the amount you’re paying quarterly to make sure your payments align to how much energy you’re using. If the amount you’re paying is due to change, we’ll always provide you with 10 days’ notice – even if it’s a change you’ve asked us to make – as confirmed within our Direct Debit Guarantee guidelines

Once your account is closed

It is only possible to pay by fixed Direct Debit while you’re on supply with us. When an account closes, any outstanding debt will be taken as one final payment 14 days after the final bill is produced.

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