Managing your account online

Warning message

As we adjust to Covid19 homeworking, unfortunately we’re only able to speak to you if you’re experiencing an emergency, off supply, in financial difficulty or you wish to use the automated line to make a payment. Please use your online account or our app to manage your energy with us. You can find out more here about your account, meter readings and how we're working right now.

Managing your account online gives you freedom and convenience - all within a highly secure environment.

It’s simple - every month we’ll send you an email with a direct link to your latest bill. Whenever you need, wherever you are, you’re in control of your Bristol Energy account.

And you can do that little bit extra for the environment by ditching paper bills for good. We’ll even give you a discount if you commit to going paperless when you sign up with us. You’ll receive email updates on your account and you don’t need to set up an online account if you choose not to.

Of course, if you’d prefer paper billing, we’re happy to accommodate this too.

With your online account you can:

  • Change your login password and personal details
  • View your tariff information
  • View, pay, print and request bills
  • Submit or review meter readings
  • Review your electricity usage
  • Inform us of important changes e.g. moving house
  • Add yourself to the Priority Services Register

Register for an online account here.

Our online service for pre-payment customers is currently under development. If you're a prepayment customer we'll let you know as soon as it's possible for you to sign up for an online account.