About our green electricity

Simon, Bristol Energy's PPA Manager on a site visit to one of our renewable energy generators

Where does our green electricity come from?

We’re proud to support renewable generators across the UK.

We purchase our renewable electricity directly from the people, businesses, charities and organisations that generate it. Like Tim, who generates solar power on his factory roof, and David the farmer, who now farms wind as well as sheep. We also work with charities, like the National Trust, and community energy groups, like Ynni Teg - whose profits will support their local school.

The Renewables Team looks after all the generators we work with.

If you have any questions about our PPAs, please get in touch by calling 0117 428 0904 or emailing [email protected].

But all electricity comes from the National Grid, so how does green electricity work?

All our customers are supplied through the National Grid. But when you switch to our one of our fixed green plans, we add up the units of electricity you use over a year, and replace them in the grid with certified green units, instead of grid average ones.

Each unit of green energy exported to the grid by our generators receives a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. This certificate is awarded by Ofgem (the industry regulator) and provides details of the generating station producing the electricity, the renewable technology used and the time period in which it was produced.

This helps ensure all the renewable electricity we feed into the grid, on behalf of our My Green Plus customers, is fully traceable.

Why are some green deals cheaper than others?

Each unit of renewable electricity comes with a certificate called a REGO. Some suppliers buy these certificates on their own, without actually purchasing the energy directly from the generator. They can buy enough certificates to cover the renewable energy that has been used by their customers. And call it 100% renewable.

We believe in going directly to the source.

Find out more about our green credentials.

Why switch to renewable electricity?

With renewable electricity, you’ll instantly reduce your carbon footprint - the total amount of greenhouse gases produced as a result of your activities. So you can have peace of mind that your electricity use is working towards helping, not harming the environment.

The more people switching to renewable energy, the more support for UK based renewable generators, lowering our dependence on imported fossil fuels and improving our energy security.

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