Meet David, a sheep farmer who has provided us with renewable power from the start

David Eyles at Treworgans Farm Cornwall with wind turbine

David and his wife have farmed sheep for over 16 years with the help of their four children down in Truro, Cornwall.

Their family farm runs entirely on renewable power generated from the wind turbine they’ve installed in the paddock, and the solar panels they’ve put on their sheep sheds.

We buy the excess renewable electricity generated by the Eyles family and pass this clean, green power onto our customers.

Going green to help the nation

The Cornish weather provides a great environment for generating masses of green electricity: “we’ve just ticked over a million kilowatts!” David exclaimed as we were blown about underneath the wind turbine.

The family’s passion for farming is clear. Lambing season demands early mornings and late nights, but since generating his own power, David’s become a bit of a renewable enthusiast too.

Not only are we producing great quality lamb and sheep’s wool on the farm, we’re also producing something green to help the nation.

Supporting families and businesses

Demand for green power has increased so much, that generating renewable electricity has become a great revenue stream for families and businesses. It helped the Eyles family put their four children through University.

I think there’s a fantastic opportunity for people wanting to generate power in this country. I’d say get on and do it. If we’re going to be cutting back on fossil fuels, we’re going to need a lot more renewable energy.

Hear, hear David!

Switch to any of Bristol Energy’s tariffs to support farmers like David who are helping the UK become a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live.

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