Energy saving tips for retail businesses & offices

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With a few simple changes, it's easy to improve the energy efficiency of your business and save on your energy bill.

Close the door

Research conducted by the University Of Cambridge Department Of Engineering discovered that significant energy savings can be achieved when doors remain shut during winter, with minimal effect on transactions and footfall.

Keeping the doors closed between heated and unheated areas, such as storeroom, lobby or hallways, could also help to reduce your energy bills as much as 5 – 10%.

Use LED lights

The correct lighting is vital for ensuring the workplace environment is comfortable for your employees and encouraging peak productivity, and in retail environments, lighting accounts for an average of 28% of energy usage. By replacing your standard lights with LEDs or energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps, you're ensuring optimum light output and reducing your bills at the same time. 

Try smart heating

A quick fix that could save you up to a third off your heating, ventilation and air conditioning bills is to ensure that your system operating hours match the times when they’re actually required.

Set up a dead band

Setting up a gap or dead-band between heating and air conditioning temperatures will avoid the two systems operating at the same time. Introducing a gap of 5% could save up to 10% of your heating and cooling costs.

Lower the room temperature

Heating can account for up to 40% of energy costs in an office environment. Most people feel comfortable in the temperature ranges of 18 – 26 degrees Celsius. Reducing heat temperatures by just 1 degree could cut your consumption by up to 8% in a year.

Encourage staff to turn off screens or PCs

Around two-thirds of the energy consumed in office environments is attributed to computers - both PCs and monitors. To save up to 30% of your energy costs, remind your employees to turn their computers and screens off at the end of the day, rather than putting them on standby.

Make photocopiers more efficient

The office photocopier is often the highest single energy using piece of equipment in your workplace. The heat components, which fuse the toner to the paper are the biggest culprits. Try to use lower melting point inks and ensure the standby features are enabled to slash copier energy use by up to 50%.

Keep track of your energy use

Remember, by taking regular meter readings you can keep track of how much energy your business is using. This makes it easier to see when improvements are working and how much you are saving.

Check your energy bill

Make sure you haven’t rolled onto a default or ‘out of contract’ rate. This could be as much as 60% higher if you’ve come to the end of your negotiated contract. You can secure a new price for your energy up to six months before your fixed contract runs out, so make sure you set a reminder.


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