Moving your premises

Two people packing up their office for a move

If you're moving out of your current business premise or locating to a new one, let us know by filling out our quick forms. We can then either close your current account or start up a new one for you.  

On the day of your move, remember to take an electricity and gas meter reading. This will then allow us to issue your final and/ or initial invoice accurately.  

If you're moving into a new property, you need to let us know:  

  • Contact details 
  • New premise information 
  • Move in date 
  • Meter details  

You can use our "moving in" form. Email it back to

If you're leaving your current property, you need to let us know: 

  • Contact details
  • Premise information
  • Forwarding address
  • Meter details

You can use our "moving out" form. Email it back to

Alternatively you can phone us on free 0808 168 3888 to discuss your premise move. If you’re a managing agent or energy consultant, please have your letter of authority ready. This will speed up the process of dealing with your customer request. We are available 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays. It will help if you have the above information to hand when speaking to us. 

Remember, if you are planning to move out of a property we supply, or moving into a new one: 

  • You will need to give us 30 calendar days written notice prior to your move out / move in day.
  • You will still be liable for payment of all charges that relate to the site until the new occupant or landlord assume responsibility. 
  • You don’t need to cancel any Direct Debits you have with us until your final invoice has been paid, or any credit we owe you has been refunded back.  

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