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wind turbines and tidal energy

Bristol Energy has agreed the transfer of its business energy customers to Yü Energy. This means your business energy supply moves to Yü Energy with immediate effect. For more information about your account and Yü Energy, please click here:

Switch your business to our 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas tariff today.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew you were making a real difference every time your business paid its energy bill?

By switching to Bristol Energy’s new 100% renewable and low carbon tariffs, you’ll not only be doing good for the environment, but you’ll be helping Bristol tackle social and environmental challenges such as fuel poverty and climate change too.

We are increasing the amount of renewable energy within our portfolio all the time, and to neutralise the carbon emitted through your consumption of gas, we purchase a carbon offset certificate from verified emission reduction schemes. The carbon offsets we purchase contribute towards global low carbon projects. You can choose either a 50% or 100% carbon offset product from our range of tariffs. As a result, we now exclusively offer 100% renewable and low carbon tariffs to our business customers - as you'd expect from an energy partner with sustainability at its heart.

Get a quote to find out if your business can save money on its energy bills whilst helping the environment and the community.

If you’re a renewable generator exporting to the grid we'd like to speak to you about the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) products and services we offer. Find out more about our offer for renewable generators.

Switch your business today for 100% renewable electricity and lower carbon gas:

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