Large energy users

Large energy users

Bristol Energy has agreed the transfer of its business energy customers to Yü Energy. This means your business energy supply moves to Yü Energy with immediate effect. For more information about your account and Yü Energy, please click here:

We’ve now moved into the sub 3 GWh Half Hourly energy market to take our social good proposition to larger energy consumers.

  • We’re aligning our values of fairness and accountability by offering Half Hourly customers a simple solution to what can often involve complicated pricing methodologies.
  • We offer a two rate, fully fixed price tariff that will have all the necessary industry charges built in.
  • This simple approach will ensure you have cost certainty with no additional hidden charges.

We really hope you’re interested in becoming part of a force for social good - where our profits are used to help those dis-advantaged through re-investment in their local communities.

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What is a large energy user?

Bristol Energy consider a large energy user to be any business that is billed on a half hourly basis. Currently we have a 3 GWh per site consumption threshold, which equates to a maximum spend of approximately £300,000 each year.

If you have sites paying under the £300,000 pa threshold and have a half hourly meter (identifiable by its MPAN number that will have 00 as the profile class - the two digits at the top after the ‘S’), then we would love to speak to you about your supply.

Meter MPAN

What is a Half Hourly electricity meter?

A Half Hourly electricity meter is a specialised kind of business electricity meter. The meter is connected via a phone line and automatically sends updated meter readings to the energy supplier every half hour.

As a result there’s is no need for you to take and submit meter readings manually and the frequency of these automatic readings result in extremely accurate and up-to-date energy bills.

You can also get detailed breakdowns of when you are using the bulk of your business electricity so you can use this information to try and be more energy efficient and reduce your usage.

Does my business need a Half Hourly meter?

Half Hourly electric meters are used by larger, more energy intensive businesses, such as factories or large offices. 

If your business has a maximum demand of 100 kW or greater in any half hour period during the day then a half hourly meter will be compulsory for you. If you have a maximum demand of 70kW or more then you can opt to have a half hourly meter installed.

Does my business have a Half Hourly meter?

If you are in a new business premises then you can check if you already have a HH meter installed by taking a look at the 'S number' on a previous energy bill. If the number in the top left box is 00 then this is a half hourly meter.

Can I switch my Half Hourly business energy tariff?

Yes, it is possible to switch Half Hourly suppliers or tariffs in order to secure cheaper rates.

The process can be a bit more of a complicated than regular energy contracts, but our team are really happy to use their industry knowledge and experience in this area to help make this process simple for you. If you have any questions or advice call 0808 168 3888 or email

For a quote click on the button below, or give us a call on 0808 168 3888.

In order to be able to provide you with a quote, we will need the following pieces of information:

  • Your supply address
  • MPAN
  • Agreed supply capacity (or KVA)
  • 12 months of your half hourly consumption data
  • Details of any Meter Operator (MOP) agreement you might have in place

We would also be delighted to quote for your gas supply on a fixed tariff (providing your annual usage is under 732,000 KWh per year).

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