How do I top up with a smart pay as you go meter

One of the great things about smart meters is that you can see your meter balance in real time on your in-home display as well as topping-up easily using a variety of methods.

Paypoint logo

In store

You can buy credit at any outlet with a PayPoint symbol. The shop assistant will need to scan the barcode on your Bristol Energy PAYG card, and this will automatically top-up your meter. Find your nearest PayPoint at Please note, the Post Office and Payzones cannot accept payments.

It’s important to keep hold of your receipt until you get home, as this has a 20 digit Vend Code for the payment that you may need if a payment doesn’t register.


Wherever you are you can top-up by going to the online payments service. To initally register, you will need the 19 digit number on your Bristol Energy PAYG card.

Text message

It’s as simple as sending a text. As long as you’ve registered for payments through our website you can send a text on 0117 325 1975 with how much you want to top-up in the below format. Once you top-up you’ll receive a text message with your 20 digit Vend Code for this payment.

Pay, space, your 19 digit number on your card, space, amount in pounds, space, security code on registered card


Our automatic phone system is an easy way to top-up and as long as you’ve registered on the website you can top-up by calling 0121 621 4028. Once your payment has been taken, your 20-digit Vend Code for this payment will be repeated back to you. Please make a note of this in case a payment doesn’t register.

You can find out more in our smart meter guide (1.8MB).