Let us know you'd like a smart meter

Hello - Great to hear that you want a smart meter, they’re the future!

They’ll capture and send us your meter readings automatically and help you understand your energy use in pounds and pence. Smart meters will also play a key role in upgrading our national energy system, helping us to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for future generations.

Before you take the time to fill out the form, here’s some useful information for you upfront:

  • We are now only installing the latest 2nd Generation ‘SMETS2’ smart meters - they’re great and come at no extra cost to you
  • Customers who live in high rise buildings - smart meters don’t currently work in large blocks of flats or high rise buildings for technical reasons. The energy industry is looking at this and we expect a solution by the end of 2021.

I'd like a smart meter please:

By indicating I agree, I'm indicating that I’m happy for you to fit smart meters and understand that someone over the age of 18 needs to be present whilst they’re being installed.