Onshore Wind Project in India

Onshore Wind Project in India

At Bristol Energy, we’re no strangers to wind turbines – in fact, a significant portion of our green energy is generated from local generators, such as the Bristol City Council-owned wind farm at Avonmouth.

One of the global carbon offset projects we’re proud to be supporting is the Onshore Wind Project in India, which involves the installation and maintenance of 40 wind turbines in the country’s Maharashtra state.

Renewable energy

The power generated from the wind turbines (each turbine has a capacity of 2MW) is sold to the state grid. As the power is generated from a renewable energy source (wind), it displaces an equivalent amount of power from the grid fed mainly by harmful fossil fuel fired power plants. And so, this project results in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions – in fact emission reductions from the t activity is 136,936 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide each year.

The project is expected to run for 10 years and is expected to total a significant 1,369,360 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Social and sustainability benefits

The Onshore Wind Project benefits communities in the Maharashtra state, as well as having a positive impact on the environment. This project generates employment opportunities during the construction and operation of the project. It also helps reduce the demand - supply gap in the region, and demonstrates the technology in the region, encouraging further wind power projects.

Other carbon offset projects

Other projects we have help to fund include the Hequing Solar Cookers project in China, and a project focusing on Reducing deforestation in Brazil.

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