Hequing Solar Cookers in China

Green carbon offset projects

One of the global carbon offset projects we’re pleased to be supporting is the Heqing Solar Cooker Project, in the underdeveloped area of Zhanqye, in northwestern China.

Coal is overwhelmingly the main energy source for rural residents in this region of China. However, located at a high altitude with many sunny days, the rural area in Zhangye is an ideal region for utilising solar energy. And so, by funding the installation of solar cookers, we are able to provide rural residents – 49,000 low income households of around 196,000 villagers - with clean, reliable energy.

Solar cookers

This vital project enables the rural residents to efficiently substitute solar energy for the fossil fuel (coal) used in daily cooking and water boiling, avoiding CO2 emission that would be generated by fossil fuel consumption. In fact, so far the project has installed a mammoth 49,000 solar cookers.

This project demonstrates how carbon finance (funding from organisations who are carbon offsetting, such as Bristol Energy) can be the primary source of funding Greenhouse Gas emission mitigation projects, and can directly contribute to sustainable development for the benefit of local communities.

Sustainable development

Our funding will also facilitate sustainable development in the Zhangye region, by:

  • Providing rural residents with a clean, practical and convenient way to meet the energy demand of their daily cooking
  • Promoting the use of clean energy, providing education and training on solar energy technology to the rural population
  • Improving the indoor hygiene of rural residents
  • Improving the living condition and quality of rural residents

Other carbon offset projects

Bristol Energy has also helped to fund an Onshore Wind Project in India, and a project focusing on Reducing deforestation in Brazil.

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