Meet our business customers Trunki, who are choosing local while going global

Man and woman with Trunki cases

Trunki are a children’s travel product trailblazer. It’s been a long road to success for these colourful ride-on kid’s cases, with the idea originating from a university design project back in 1997.

We spoke to Rob Law, Founder of Trunki and Laura Breen who heads up Operations, to find out more about Trunki and why it’s important to work with suppliers that share the same social values.

Bristol inspired. Delighting children worldwide.

The Trunki concept has gone from strength to strength, with thousands of children riding around on the back of tigers and unicorns across the world.

Trunki was born out of my bedroom on Alma Road in Bristol back in the day. I was inspired when I went to a department store to look at the different sorts of luggage, but found myself drawn to the kid’s section looking at the ride on toys.

Personally, I love Bristol. The culture we’ve developed in the business really resonates with the general Bristol culture, trying to do things differently, trying to rethink our social impact and think not purely about profit.

 - Rob Law, Trunki founder

Trunki has been running for 14 years, and in that time, they’ve sold over four million ride-on suitcases across 100 countries and employ 80 members of staff across Bristol and Plymouth.

Sustainability and shared social values

The Bristol based brand are situated down the road from Bristol Energy in their brilliant space themed offices with graffiti covered walls.

Their impact on the planet is a big consideration for the team, not only within their manufacturing process, but in their day to day operations as well. Trunki signed up to Bristol Energy’s green tariff three years ago to help reduce their impact on the environment.

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Laura had this to say about choosing Bristol Energy:

We chose Bristol Energy because you’re a local business doing things differently.

We were with British Gas originally and it wasn’t great. Their prices were going up, so I shopped around and saw that Bristol Energy were reinvesting back into the community as well as being green and thought it was a great initiative.

A few of our employees are now with you directly as a result of us switching to Bristol Energy. I think more people are geared towards going local and smaller these days. You feel as though you can actually talk to somebody rather than being on hold for hours. It just makes everyone’s lives easier.

Choosing Bristol Energy’s green tariff was a simple decision for the organisation; not only has it helped reduce Trunki’s carbon footprint, but it was logical for them to choose an energy provider with shared business values that would help improve their corporate social responsibility.

What's next for Trunki?

Rob told us, last year 64% of Trunkis were sold internationally and they're looking to grow that this year and become a truly global brand. 

With Trunki setting its sights on growth this year, things are looking bright for Rob and the team.

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