Our carbon offset projects

Green carbon offset projects

We’re proud that as well as containing 100% green electricity, all of our tariffs contain gas carbon offsets.

In fact, our greenest tariff, BE Super Green, contains 100% carbon neutral gas. But what does this mean?

Gas carbon offsets

We purchase gas carbon offset certificates to diminish the impact of our Greenhouse gas (mainly Carbon dioxide) emissions.

For every tonne of carbon emitted through your consumption of gas, we purchase a carbon offset certificate from verified emission reduction schemes. These could be planting trees or supporting projects that reduce carbon use elsewhere.

The carbon offsets we purchase contribute towards global low carbon projects and we match your gas usage with these.

Here are few global projects we’ve helped fund by purchasing carbon offsets:

Hequing Solar Cookers in China

Hequing Solar Cookers in China

This project has installed 49,000 solar cookers for the rural residents of Zhangye, an undeveloped region in the Gansu province of northwestern China. Installing solar cookers helps residents substitute solar energy for the fossil fuel (coal) used in daily cooking and water boiling, avoiding CO2 emissions that would be generated by fossil fuel consumption.

Onshore Wind Project in India

Onshore Wind Project in India

This project involves the installation and maintenance of 40 wind turbines in the Maharashtra state of India. The renewable energy generated by the wind turbines is sold to the state grid. In this process, there is no consumption of any fossil fuel and so the project is 100% green, without any greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing Deforestation in Brazil

Reducing Deforestation in Brazil

Deforestation is the number one cause of species extinction globally and alarmingly, every year 58 million square miles of forest are lost. That’s the area size of a football pitch disappearing every second. This project is helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil; helping communities protect their forests.

Join us and together we can make the UK a better place to live.

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