Your business energy

Whether your business is in St Ives or St Andrews, we're able to help you with your business energy needs.

We currently supply gas and electricity to Micro and SME businesses, and also those with a Half Hourly meter who consume up to 3 GWh per site (this equates to a maximum spend of approximately £300k pa), with the intention of expanding our offer for even larger consuming businesses in the months ahead.

By switching your organisation’s gas and electricity to Bristol Energy you can be a force for social good - support the regional economy, support the community and be part of a meaningful change to the energy sector.

  • We make energy for businesses easy to manage.

  • We’re committed to providing high quality service.

  • We supply gas and electricity as fixed price tariffs on the basis of 12 and 24 month contracts.

  • We have a 100% green business tariff.

Get a quote for your business

If you have any questions about our energy offer for businesses please get in touch at or call us free on 0808 168 3888.

Third party intermediaries

Two women at laptops having a meeting, one is from an energy TPI, the other a supplier

We want to work with Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) that share our ambition and ethos to offer fair and transparent prices to businesses. 

With our dedicated Third Party Team based in Bristol, we want to work with TPIs that can support us locally and/ or nationally.  

This is an extremely exciting time for Bristol Energy and the TPI Market, and we’d welcome enquiries from those TPIs who comply with one of the recognised TPI Codes of Practice. 

Moving your premises

Two people packing up their office for a move

If you're moving out of your current business premise or locating to a new one, let us know by filling out our quick forms. We can then either close your current account or start up a new one for you.  

On the day of your move, remember to take an electricity and gas meter reading. This will then allow us to issue your final and/ or initial invoice accurately.