Deemed out of contract prices

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If you move into vacant premises that were previously supplied by us and you haven’t entered into a new supply contract with us or another supplier, you will be charged our published deemed rates until such time as a new contract is agreed. 

This is because UK legislation covering the supply of energy stipulates that when an individual takes over the responsibility of a property, they’re deemed to have entered into an agreement with the registered supplier of that property. This means that the electricity supplier is required to provide electricity to the customer and that the customer is required to pay for that electricity at the suppliers’ published rates until a new contract has been negotiated.

If you’re an existing customer then on, or about, sixty calendar days before your fixed period contract end date, we’ll send you a statement of renewal terms laying out the options available to you.

You’ll have until your notice date (30 calendar days before your fixed period contract end date) to tell us what you wish to do. If you do nothing, we will move you onto a deemed contract when your current fixed period contract with us ends and charge you our out of contract rates. 

We can increase the unit charges under your deemed contract at any time by giving you 30 calendar days’ prior written notice. If we decrease the unit charges under your deemed contract, no prior notice will be given. 

Whilst for simplicity purposes we currently have a single set of deemed/out of contract prices, these prices are much more expensive than our fixed rate contract prices. 

We therefore strongly recommend you contact us at or call us free on 0808 168 3888, if you are not on a fixed price contract. 

Download our current deemed out of contract prices for gas and electricity.

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