Bristol Energy shines a light on Wildlife Photographer of the Year

23 November 2019

The exhibition, now in its 55th year, displays a collection of some of the most astounding photographs of our natural world.

100% green electricity and gas supplier Bristol Energy is thrilled to be lighting up the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, opening at M Shed today!

We’re not only a sponsor of the world-renowned event, but also powering its host venue M Shed each and every day. The museum is one of many Bristol power partnerships with Bristol Energy, which include nearby We The Curious, Bristol Zoo Gardens and Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

We’re proud to be lighting up the breath-taking photographs at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, and while celebrating the natural world in all its beauty, we encourage people to think about how they can help protect it in this time of environmental crisis.

Marek Majewicz, Managing Director at Bristol Energy, said:

It's so important that we pay attention to the environment and the world around us and make lifestyle choices which help to build a cleaner, greener, healthier world.

Switching your energy supplier to one which provides renewable energy, like Bristol Energy, is one of the easiest ways to tackle climate change and protect the amazing wildlife that you'll see in this fantastic exhibition.

 Councillor Craig Cheney, Deputy Mayor of Bristol, said:

At a time when climate change, wildlife extinction and plastic pollution are major global concerns, Wildlife Photographer of the Year has never been more relevant. I’m sure its popularity in Bristol is a reflection of the city’s values and ambitions. I would like to thank our exhibition sponsors Bristol Energy, National Friendly and Pukka Herbs for their generous support.

 Chair of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year jury, Rosamund Kidman Cox, said:

When you find a picture that has both remarkable composition and unforgettable drama, it deserves the highest award. But what all the memorable pictures in this exhibition share is the ability to evoke an emotional reaction. Some may shock – deliberately so – others sadden, but as a whole they will leave you marvelling at the extraordinary, wondrous nature of life.

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