We’re making it easier to help Bristol's homeless

30 November 2017

  • A contactless donation point at Bristol Energy Hub lets you use your bank card to donate £2 to the Safer on the Streets (SOS) campaign. 

Contactless donation point installed at Bristol Energy Hub to help fund Bristol’s night shelters 

It’s the third donation station in the city, allowing passers-by to donate £2 directly to the SOS appeal simply by touching their bank card to the stations.


Since the installation of the first two donation points in Broadmead, nearly £3K has been raised for Bristol’s night shelters, run by St Mungo’s, The Julian Trust, Caring in Bristol and Crisis Centre Ministries.

Using our energy to make a positive difference

Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy said:

"Homelessness in Bristol has become a very visible issue, and people want to know what they can do to help. A contactless donation point is a fantastic idea, and makes it very easy for people to donate instantly.

"Having one at our Hub on Bristol’s Harbourside is just one small way we can use our energy to make a positive difference. And we hope to raise lots of money for what is a hugely important cause in our city.”

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“There is nothing else like this in Bristol" 

The new approach to supporting homeless people in Bristol has sparked interest from Business Improvement Districts (Bid) up and down the UK.

With the winter months drawing near, charities are expecting to see these donations increase as people actively look for ways to support Bristol’s homeless.

David Ingerslev, Project Manager at St Mungo’s and Rough Sleeping Partnership lead, said:

“There is nothing else like this in Bristol and we believe we are the first in the UK to introduce these donation stations. They make donating easier for shoppers who may not carry small change but who feel compelled to take action to support people they see rough sleeping. It is simple, immediate and will directly help people to be safer off the streets.

Offering a safer life for people rough sleeping

“It is free for people to stay at our night shelters but we rely heavily on fundraising and volunteers. The stations are helping bring new support to the original #SOSBristol campaign. It is vital we connect with people rough sleeping and offer them a safer life away from the streets. It is dangerous to for anyone to be sleeping rough, dangerous to their physical and mental health.

"We would continue to encourage people to make referrals via StreetLink.org.uk as this helps us reach people quickly and can help us ensure no one has a second night out on the streets of Bristol.”


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