We have a winner

22 December 2018

  • We announce the lucky winner of our year of free gas and electricity competition.

Sarah never dreamt that she’d be the lucky winner of a year of free gas and electricity when she entered our competition. We went to visit her and her family in Brislington to find out more…

“My two boys were busy doing arts and crafts at one of your community events. I entered whilst I waited thinking, ‘this will never happen’. It was such a shock to get the call a few months later.”

"Winning this prize has been fantastic, it’s already made a huge difference to our busy household. We have pet tortoises that are always under the heat lamps, so it’s really helped us financially. They use more electricity than we do."

The family of four had been meaning to change their gas and electricity from the big six but had not got round to it. Winning the competition came at just the right time.

“It was the incentive we needed. We’re kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner because the savings are huge. We had no idea how straight forward it would be.”

After the win, Sarah told some of her colleagues about the savings that could be made with Bristol Energy.

“None of us realised that we were being ripped off because we all had high energy bills with our various suppliers. It’s only after our win that I encouraged them to get a quote from Bristol Energy. That’s when they realised how much they’d been overpaying. So now they’re switching too.”

Sarah is pleased that she is now with a local company that is helping to tackle social challenges such as fuel poverty and climate change.

“It’s fantastic that they’re Bristol based, and so far the customer service that I’ve had from the team has been amazing. It feels like they have our best interests at heart and that’s really important to us.”

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