Sarah's story

Sarah from Bristol shares story of switching to Bristol Energy

Social worker and mum of four, Sarah, lives in a busy three-story house in the centre of Bristol with her husband, two grown up daughters back from University, and a teenage son.

Sarah cares deeply about the community she loves, and is keen to play a part in improving the quality of life for those less advantaged than she is. By switching to Bristol Energy Sarah’s saved around £50 a month on her energy bill.

“With lots of people living here, there are five showers every day, the dishwasher is on twice a day, the washing machine once a day, there are lots of different meals being cooked on a daily basis. So our energy use is very high.

“I wanted a deal that was fair, where we paid for what we used.

"I decided to switch to Bristol Energy because it was the cheapest and because it’s a local, ethical company.

“I’m paying for something that I have to pay for but there are added benefits in that it’s a company that reinvests money back into the Bristol community, and that’s trying to do something to tackle fuel poverty. I think fuel poverty is an absolute disgrace in this day and age, in this country, so the fact that Bristol Energy is actively doing something to tackle that is really important to me.

“Switching was so incredibly easy I could hardly believe it. It was no more than a couple of emails. I thought Bristol Energy were very quick and responsive. I particularly like the fact that giving meter readings is really easy, and I’ve been really impressed with the customer service.

“The whole process is simple and easy, and it feels much more honest, upfront and direct process.

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