Switch for Bristol

Hello lovely folk of Bristol! We’ve saved our best deal for you.

  • You can save money and make a positive difference by switching

  • We reinvest your money back into Bristol – the city you’re proud to live in

  • Switch in just a few minutes and we do all the hard work for you

Anyone with a Bristol postcode is eligible for our new ‘My Bristol Tariff’, which is a fixed deal for one year with no exit fee.

We’re a local gas and electricity supplier that reinvest the money we make right here in Bristol, so when you’re with Bristol Energy every flick of a switch makes a positive difference for the community around you.

As one of the first energy companies in the country to reinvest its profits into its founding city, Bristol Energy’s income will be used to support Bristol, at a time when all councils need to find innovative ways to raise funding.

Mayor Marvin Rees is urging Bristol residents to buck the national trend and switch their energy supplier, saving millions of pounds across the city:

“We all pay our energy bills, but if that money can be reinvested back into local communities to help pay for essential services and support, then the whole of Bristol can benefit.”

Why switch?

  • Two thirds of households across the country have never switched and are likely to be paying hundreds of pounds a year more than they need to for their gas and electricity (Ofgem).
  • For the 121,000 households in Bristol who are estimated to have never switched their energy supplier, that’s a potential saving of over £54million across the city, and in people’s pockets. 

Switch in minutes online. Or call us free on 0808 281 2222.

My Bristol Tariff

Bristol scene - artwork by Hannah

Switch to our ‘My Bristol Tariff’ and you could save money on your gas and electricity bills.

This tariff is exclusively for BS postcode residents, and we put your money back into the city we love.

Doesn’t that give you a nice warm glow?

About our ‘My Bristol Tariff’:

  • It’s called Bristol Energy ‘My Bristol Tariff’ 1 Year Fix Issue 1 (Paper and Paperless Billing)
  • Prices Fixed for 12 months
  • Electricity and/or gas
  • Pay on Receipt of Bill or Direct Debit
  • Online discount per fuel with paperless billing

James' Story

James shares his story about switching to Bristol Energy

James, who lives in Fishponds, has lived in Bristol all his life. A huge fan of the city’s creative spirit and diverse culture, joining Bristol Energy was a chance to save a bit of money but also support the city he grew up in. 

“I get through quite a lot of energy so it’s really important for me to save wherever I can, and since I’ve switched to Bristol Energy, it looks like I’ll be saving around £200-300 a year, which is huge.