Smart meters give you the power to reduce your environmental impact and make a difference

31 January 2020

Wondering what you can do to help tackle climate change and do your bit?

Getting a smart meter is a simple way to help the environment.

Smart meter in kitchen

It was reported last week by Smart Energy GB that Brits are obsessed with monitoring themselves. We monitor our steps, fitness, heart rate, sleep and weight, but three quarters of us (76%) have no idea how much energy we use in our homes.

Encouragingly, the study found there is appetite to find out more about our environmental impact. 42% said they want to do more to help the planet but don’t know where to start.

Smart Meters

Smart meters were introduced as a way to help us understand how we use energy and how much we consume. Previously, we’d turn our lights on, watch TV and leave appliances on standby, without any real understanding of how much energy was being used, or how much it was costing.

It’s only by understanding the amount of energy different appliances use through smart meters, that we can begin to see where there is waste and adapt our behaviour to be more energy efficient. This is the key to reducing global carbon emissions. If every household made tweaks and changes, the impact could be monumental.

Saving you money and helping the planet with our Be Connected app and smart meter

Smart meters are an integral part of integrating new renewable energy systems. Without them, technologies like solar panels, electric vehicles, bespoke tariffs (like warm hours) and decentralised energy systems will not be able to function. 

So it’s important that we try to adopt them if we’re serious about combatting climate change.

What can you do?

Why not download our app and order a smart meter today at a touch of a button? It’s free and won’t cause any hassle to your current supply or tariff.

Let’s make Bristol and our planet a cleaner, greener, healthier place to live. You’ll be surprised at the difference you can make.

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*Prices will vary for each customer; dependent on their specific tariff, home size and heating settings.