Positive Energy for Bristol

A group of runners dressed in pink celebrate creating positive energy for Bristol

Bristol, switch to Positive Energy. 

Unlike other energy suppliers, we reinvest in the city we love through activities like:

And we’re council owned, meaning that instead of traditional shareholders, we were set up to provide income for Bristol City Council and serve the community.

What’s more, if everyone switched to us we could save Bristol £28 million*, and each household could save around £258 a year** with our My Bristol Tariff, exclusively for people with Bristol postcode.

Now that’s Positive Energy!

Find out how much you could save. 

More reasons to switch to Bristol Energy:

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*Projected yearly saving for someone who switches from an average Big Six standard variable tariff to our My Bristol Tariff, based on Ofgem’s typical domestic consumption values.

**Based on the estimated Bristol households currently supplied on Big Six standard variable tariff switching to Bristol energy’s My Bristol tariff. Projected saving as at 05/09/2017. Further details

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