Pay for your energy bills with Bristol Pounds

Paying with Bristol pounds

As a Bristol-born company we’re excited to offer our customers the chance to pay in Bristol Pounds, helping even more of the money made in the city, stay local to the city.

We’re proud that Bristol is the first city to have its own currency and its own energy company, so it makes sense to come together with Bristol Pound to encourage more people in the city to keep their money local.

If you switch to us and quote the code BPOUND001, we’ll give you £B20 to spend with your favourite local shops, and donate £10 to Bristol Pound CIC to support the running of our city’s local currency.

Key info about paying your bill* with Bristol Pound:

More about Bristol Pound

Bristol became the first city to have its own currency in 2012, and the Bristol Pound is the largest alternative to Sterling.

The idea behind the Bristol Pound is to create money which ‘sticks’ to the city. Each Bristol Pound spent is a commitment to re-spend in the city and support independent businesses.

Bristol Pound facts:

  • Over 800 businesses now accept the currency across the city and millions of Bristol Pounds have gone into circulation.
  • Nearly two and half thousand Bristolians have opened a digital Bristol Pound account, and thousands more spend the paper notes, using the local currency for everything from council tax to bus fares, groceries to cinema tickets.
  • People even take their wages in the currency.

Why we take Bristol Pounds

We believe energy companies have the power to make a positive difference. If you pay your bills with Bristol Pounds, it will help us to support our city.

Find out more about our mission to be a force for social good.

Check out the Bristol Pound website to find out more about it’s impact, and other business that take it.


* At the moment, it’s only customers who pay on receipt of their bill that can use Bristol Pounds. Customers who wish to pay with Bristol Pounds need to select “Pay On Receipt Of Bill” as a payment method.

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