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Switch to My Green Plus, our 100% renewable electricity plan, and make a real difference every time you pay your energy bill.

By switching to our My Green Plus plan, you’ll not only be supporting an ethical energy company that reinvests in the community, but you’ll be doing good for the environment too.


Green doesn’t have to be expensive

The average cost of our 100% green plan is just £2.60 per day. So you can do your bit for the planet, and power your home, for the price of your morning coffee*.

If you choose My Green Plus, you will pay more than our fixed tariff (which is greener than average anyway), but this currently works out at around £5 per month.**

Find out more about our fuel mix and where our renewable electricity comes from.


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We're not like other energy suppliers

We reinvest in the city we love through activities like:

And we’re council owned, meaning that instead of traditional shareholders, we were set up to provide income for Bristol City Council and serve the community.


Make a difference every time you pay your energy bill. Switch today.


More reasons to switch to Bristol Energy:

Why switch to renewable electricity?

With renewable electricity, you’ll instantly reduce your carbon footprint - the total amount of greenhouse gases produced as a result of your activities. So you can have peace of mind that your electricity use is working towards helping, not harming the environment.

The more people switching to renewable energy, the more support for UK based renewable generators, lowering our dependence on imported fossil fuels and improving our energy security.

But all energy comes from the National Grid, so how does green energy work?

Electricity customers are supplied by Bristol Energy through the National Grid. When you switch to our My Green Plus plan, we add up the units of electricity you use over a year and replace them with certified green units of electricity instead.

It’s a gradual process, but this is how we can all make the country’s energy mix cleaner and kinder to the world around us.

How green is our green electricity?

The electricity we sell to customers on our ’My Green Plus’ plan is guaranteed to be 100% from renewable sources.

Each time one of our Generators exports a unit of electricity to the grid they receive a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. This certificate is awarded by Ofgem (the industry regulator) and provides details of the Generating station producing the electricity, the renewable technology used and the time period in which it was produced.

Supporting independent renewable generators

We purchase our renewable energy from a number of independent generators in the UK, and we make sure that each unit of electricity we supply to our customers is matched with the corresponding REGO certificate to demonstrate this, so our customers can be assured that the electricity we sell is 100% renewable and can be traced back to the individual generator producing it.

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*Projected average cost per dual fuel Direct Debit online customer on March 1st 2017. Based on average cost over across all regions. Based on average annual consumption of 3,100 kilowatt hour electricity and 12,500 kilowatt hour gas.

**Projected cost per electricity-only Direct Debit online customer on March 1st 2017. Based on average comparison from Bristol Energy 1 Year Fix Issue 10 to My Green Plus Issue 2 across all regions. Based on average annual consumption of 3,100 kilowatt hour electricity and 12,5

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