Our two year promise

The news has been full of energy price rises, with many of the Big Six energy companies raising their standard variable deals by up to £100 per year for some customers.

In reality, the cost of energy on the wholesale market has come down, and we want to pass this saving on to our new and existing customers.

We can do this by continually reviewing our prices, so if we save money on the wholesale energy market, you save too.

Request a Bristol Energy Feed-in Tariff application

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Feed-in tariff

Solar panels on a house

Bristol Energy believes in local, “home-grown” renewable generation. Through our Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) service we are able to support customers who are taking charge of their energy use and decarbonising the energy system.

We are a voluntary FIT Licensee, which means we have set up a FIT service to support our customers who generate their own renewable electricity. Whether you are generating your own energy at home or if you are a commercial generator exporting electricity to the grid we are happy to help*.

A fairer deal for prepayment customers?

Four million households across the UK use a prepayment meter to pay for their gas and electricity.

Many have been overcharged for years, sometimes paying as much as £220 more than their supplier’s cheapest deal.

That’s why we welcome the new prepayment meter price cap, which is in place from 1st April. This will limit the amount that an energy supplier can charge its prepayment customers. The average customer should save £80 per year.

Better Food, better energy

Quote “BetterFood” when you switch to Bristol Energy, and we’ll give you up to £30 worth of Better Food vouchers

We know things are better when they’re ethical and sustainable. And so does the team at Better Food.

Led by local pioneer Phil Haughton, Better Food has been offering a range of local and organic food to the people or Bristol for 25 years. These local food heroes now have three stores across the city.

By working together, we hope to encourage more people to choose local, independent businesses for both their food and their energy supply.

Smart meters

Smart in-home display

What are smart meters?

Smart meters measure the gas and electricity you’re using, just like your current meters. The smart part is they also report to a useful portable screen (an In-Home Display), giving you your energy usage in near real time, so you can see exactly what you’re using. These meter readings get sent to us, your energy supplier, so you don’t have to.

What's so great about smart meters?

There’s no charge to have your current metering replaced with smart metering and to be issued an In-Home Display (IHD).


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