How to switch your business energy supply

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Switching to a new energy deal for your business can be a great way to save money - and it’s easier than you might think. 

Here we answer all the important questions about switching your supply.


What's the difference between switching domestic and business energy supplies?

It's easier than ever to switch home energy suppliers, and business energy isn’t far behind. There are just a few key differences to be aware of: 


When can I leave?


British Gas has announced a 12.5% price rise

Our MD Peter Haigh responds:

“To us at Bristol Energy, the British Gas price rise doesn’t make sense. The price of wholesale energy has come down not up. And at Bristol Energy we’ve kept our prices stable since last November.

“That’s because we believe people should be treated fairly. Keeping your home warm shouldn’t be a struggle. Yet millions of people across the country continue to pay hundreds of pounds a year more than they need to.

Quarterly Complaints Report Q2 2017

Bristol Energy Quarterly Update 2017 Q2

Why did people complain to Bristol Energy in Q2 2017 and what are we doing about it?


Direct Debit Review – 7.85%

• A significant number of Direct Debits which were previously being based on estimated consumption were reviewed between April and June 2017, taking into account actual usage information provided by customers. While this led to a number of customers reporting dissatisfaction, we’re pleased that only 0.7% of Direct Debit Reviews led to a complaint being raised.

Caring in Bristol: Helping Bristol’s homeless

Volunteers at Caring in Bristol

Quote CARING when you switch to Bristol Energy and help give someone a warm place to sleep for the night.

Or why not volunteer for Caring in Bristol this winter, and use your energy to make a positive difference.

Caring in Bristol is a local charity that helps homeless people 365 days of the year. We’re proud to support their incredible work in the city. And so far we’ve raised £3,000 through switches, that’s around 166 warm and dry nights in a shelter. 


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