Double win for Bristol Energy at the Bristol Life Awards

Last night we were thrilled to receive not one, but two awards at the inaugural Bristol Life Awards.

At the glamorous ceremony in Lloyds Amphitheatre, facing incredibly stiff competition from Bristol’s most celebrated businesses, we were crowned both Best New Business and Overall Winner, taking home the Platinum Award as well - an incredible achievement we’re hugely proud of.


Fashion - join the revolution

Did you know that this spring alone, we’ll send 235m items of clothing to landfill?

The impacts of our ‘fast fashion’ culture - throwing away millions of tonnes of clothing per year and replacing these items with mass produced fashion - is felt across the world. 75 million workers in the global supply chain live in poverty and work in unacceptable conditions, the polluting chemicals used in clothing production find their way into rivers and around 3% of the global production of CO2 emissions is attributable to the fashion industry.

Keeping it green, and local

Bristol has a thriving independent scene, packed with unique and quirky shops, cafes and start-up businesses. And of course its own independent energy company (that’s us). It even has its own currency, the Bristol Pound.

This week, we popped into Fig1, a gift homewares shop in the city and one of our newest green energy customers, to ask Director, Luke Macfadyen, why he’s keeping it green, and local:


Unseen, working towards a world without slavery

Quote the code “UNSEEN001” when you switch to Bristol Energy and we’ll donate up to £30 to Unseen

Unseen is a Bristol based charity that’s working towards a world without slavery. An unseen crime, it can happen anywhere - from hotels to restaurants, car washes to nail bars, even private homes.

To help stop slavery please quote the code UNSEEN001 when you switch to us. We’ll donate £15 for gas and £15 for electricity.

The Home Office predicts that there may be as many as 13,000 victims in the UK alone.

Our two year promise

The news has been full of energy price rises, with many of the Big Six energy companies raising their standard variable deals by up to £100 per year for some customers.

In reality, the cost of energy on the wholesale market has come down, and we want to pass this saving on to our new and existing customers.

We can do this by continually reviewing our prices, so if we save money on the wholesale energy market, you save too.

Request a Bristol Energy Feed-in Tariff application

(if applicable)

Feed-in tariff

Solar panels on a house

Bristol Energy believes in local, “home-grown” renewable generation. Through our Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) service we are able to support customers who are taking charge of their energy use and decarbonising the energy system.

We are a voluntary FIT Licensee, which means we have set up a FIT service to support our customers who generate their own renewable electricity. Whether you are generating your own energy at home or if you are a commercial generator exporting electricity to the grid we are happy to help*.

A fairer deal for prepayment customers?

Four million households across the UK use a prepayment meter to pay for their gas and electricity.

Many have been overcharged for years, sometimes paying as much as £220 more than their supplier’s cheapest deal.

That’s why we welcome the new prepayment meter price cap, which is in place from 1st April. This will limit the amount that an energy supplier can charge its prepayment customers. The average customer should save £80 per year.


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