How to save energy and money when renting

Illustration of house wall showing energy saving tips for renters

Saving energy might feel a little out of your hands if you’re renting your home.

But there's still plenty of easy, free or low-cost ways to improve the energy efficiency of your rented home, lowering your energy bills and reducing your impact on the environment.


Remember though, always seek permission from your landlord or housing provider before making any alterations to better insulate your home and make it more energy efficient.


Bristol Energy beats Big Six on customer service

Which? has put Bristol Energy above the Big Six for service in its annual customer satisfaction survey.

We came 11th overall, from 31 suppliers surveyed. And as one of the newest energy companies on the list, we’re thrilled that 70% of customers surveyed would recommend us to their friends.

Small suppliers dominate the top half of the table. With the Big Six suppliers all in the bottom third.

We have a winner

Sarah never dreamt that she’d be the lucky winner of a year of free gas and electricity when she entered our competition. We went to visit her and her family in Brislington to find out more…

12 ways 2017 has been great for green

If all the talk of Trump and Brexit has left you feeling a bit down about 2017, let us inspire you!

Because this year was full of positive news too, and some pretty remarkable green achievements.

Here are 12 green things worth celebrating in the past 12 months. The clean energy transition is happening and fossil fuels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Make way for the renewable revolution!


Quarterly Complaints Report 2017 Q3

Why did people complain to Bristol Energy in Q3 2017 and what are we doing about it?


Estimated Readings – 6.83%

• While Bristol Energy provides a variety of ways for customers to submit meter readings, we’ve realised that it’s not always clear how and when to do so. This has resulted in customers being disappointed upon receiving estimated bills.


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