Quarterly Complaints Report 2018 Q1

What we're doing about the number and type of complaints we receive

Human Error – 8.9%

  • As we’ve grown Bristol Energy have been hiring new members of staff, whose relative inexperience in this complex industry has occasionally affected performance.
  • We have identified areas in which our training, quality monitoring and coaching methods require improvement, and will be concentrating on these throughout 2018.


Bristol City Council electricity supply

Our Managing Director Peter Haigh explains:

Just like all councils across the UK, Bristol City Council has to follow strict procurement processes when choosing suppliers, including where they get their energy from. So although we are owned by Bristol City Council, it doesn’t automatically mean we can win contracts for supplying electricity and gas to their corporate estate. And this is the way it should be - a fair competitive process.

Energy saving tips for care homes

Care home residents in energy saving care home

We understand keeping your residents warm is of paramount importance to you. Here's some tips for improving energy efficiency, so you can keep them warm for less. 

Fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves

By fitting Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) you'll be able to control the temperature in every room more accurately, keeping everyone warm, without worrying about unnecessary over-heating.

And if you're still using electric heaters, moving to central heating wherever possible will dramatically reduce your running costs.

Meet the small Welsh community that’s big on green energy

Community Energy project Ynni Teg in Wales with children from Meidrim Primary School

Ynni Teg is a community energy scheme in the foothills of Carmarthenshire in Wales.

Fair energy for the community

Meaning ‘fair energy’ in Welsh, Ynni Teg is a perfect partner for us at Bristol Energy.

Its 40 metre wind turbine provides energy for our My Green Plus customers. And because it’s a social enterprise, profits made by selling the energy will support the surrounding community, including its local primary school.


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