Generators we support

solar panels powering a renewable generator

We work with a range of generators of all technology types and sizes. We’re committed to supporting the UK’s community of renewable generators, and we tailor our products and services to better meet the individual needs of your project.

Community energy projects

We’re different from other energy companies. With no corporate shareholders to keep happy, we can reinvest our profits back into the local community, to fight fuel poverty and support locally generated renewables.

Power purchase agreements

wind turbine powering a renewable generator

We offer a range of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structures and terms that best suit the needs of your project or renewable generator.

We are able to offer PPA’s to projects of all sizes (above 50kW), technologies and levels of export.

Short and long term PPAs

We offer short term to long term PPA deals, and we can work with you to help you decide which PPA term works best for your project, talking you through the different options and associated market risks.

Renewable generators

Renewable generator with wind turbine and solar panels

We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and excellent service for community groups, developers, asset managers and independent generators of all sizes (above 50kW), technologies and levels of export.

If you’re a renewable generator exporting to the grid we'd like to speak to you about the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) products and services we offer.

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