Feed-in tariff

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Bristol Energy believes in local, “home-grown” renewable generation. Through our Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) service we are able to support customers who are taking charge of their energy use and decarbonising the energy system.

We are a voluntary FIT Licensee, which means we have set up a FIT service to support our customers who generate their own renewable electricity. Whether you are generating your own energy at home or if you are a commercial generator exporting electricity to the grid we are happy to help*.

How does the FIT scheme work?

In 2010, the UK joined many other nations in implementing a set of Feed-in Tariffs to give financial rewards to anyone generating electricity using small- and medium-scale technologies (anything less than 5MW). The scheme guarantees the owners of the system a fixed payment for each unit of electricity generated, plus an additional payment for each unit fed back into the grid.

The tariffs vary for different types of system but at any one time each rate is guaranteed and index-linked (meaning it goes up with inflation) for 20–25 years. Payments for new installations are periodically reduced, however, so it makes sense to get projects installed as soon as possible, so that you can lock-in the most generous rates.

Our FIT scheme

We aim to deliver a FIT service that is friendly and straight forward. Firstly, if your renewable system is not yet registered with Ofgem, we will manage the sign-up process on your behalf. Then, once you are set up, we will simply ask you to submit readings from your total generation meter (and from your export meter, if you have one) once every quarter. We will then make payments to you based on the amount of energy your installation has produced during that period. It’s that easy.

If you have any questions about our FIT scheme, please get in touch by calling 0117 428 0906 or emailing [email protected].


* Please note: To be eligible to join Bristol Energy’s FIT scheme you will need to be a Bristol Energy electricity customer (if your system is 50kW or under) or have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in place with us (if your system is over 50kW).

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