Phil and Justine's story

Bristol Energy customers Phil and Justine outside the Tobacco Factory, Southville

Phil and Justine are getting married next year, and about to move into their first house - so every penny they can save on their energy bill counts. 

Their current bill with Bristol Energy is half what they were paying with their previous supplier. 

Saving money on their energy bills is just one way to manage money at one of the most exciting time of their lives.

“We didn’t switch for a really long time because we thought it would be much more hassle than it really ended up being. You can do it all online, it’s just a few questions to answer and then Bristol Energy do the rest. 

“We’ve found that we’re going to be saving around £200 a year, which we’re absolutely delighted with, because that means we can put it towards our wedding. 

“We switched to Bristol Energy, because we looked at the price and saw we’d be saving money, but also it was more to do with the ethical background to Bristol Energy. 

“It’s great to find a company that really wants to put something back into the local community, rather than take the money and put it into shareholder’s pockets elsewhere. 

“As people that live in Bristol, it’s great to know that the money is going to be spent locally. Nobody likes to pay utility bills, but if you can think that the money will be going to benefit the community, then actually, that makes it ok.      

"We’d say, take the time to switch to Bristol Energy, you won’t regret it, it’s not that much hassle, you’ll save money and put something back into the community as well.”

Watch the full interview with Phil and Justine

Phil and Justine live in Southville, close to Tobacco Factory Theatres. Like us, Tobacco Factory Theatres are passionate about supporting the local community. That's why we've teamed up with them to support their IN THE COMMUNITY fund.

Find out more about how you can give even more back to the community through supporting this great fund, simply by switching to Bristol Energy.



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