James' Story

James shares his story about switching to Bristol Energy

James, who lives in Fishponds, has lived in Bristol all his life. A huge fan of the city’s creative spirit and diverse culture, joining Bristol Energy was a chance to save a bit of money but also support the city he grew up in. 

“I get through quite a lot of energy so it’s really important for me to save wherever I can, and since I’ve switched to Bristol Energy, it looks like I’ll be saving around £200-300 a year, which is huge. 

“That equates to a large proportion of my car insurance, or a nice weekend away! 

“I think there’s something very special about the way that Bristol operates. Bristol, to me, feels like a capital city of culture, and it’s great to see new innovations, like our own energy company, popping up. And everyone loves the city, and what I find with Bristol Energy is that it’s really reflective of that attitude.

"It completely encompasses the way that you feel as a Bristolian.

"It’s all about doing something for local people, it’s about doing something for your neighbours, for community groups in your area, and I think that’s really special. It’s about giving something back to the city that you love. That, for me, is a major selling point.

“Switching to Bristol energy was really, really straight forward - surprisingly straightforward. With so many energy companies out there it can feel really hard to make a decision, but I’d say to Bristol people, why would you not support a local company, a company that’s giving back to local community, supporting local businesses and really doing its best for the city that we love? 

“It’s really, really easy, just five minutes of your time and you could be saving hundreds of pounds every year. It’s a no brainer - just do it!”


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