How to submit a meter reading

Submitting a meter read by email on a laptop

To enable us to bill you accurately and ensure you’re only paying for the energy you’re using, we’ll ask you to send us a meter read each month.

There are three easy ways to send a read to us: via your online account, by email or by calling us.

How often do I need to send a meter reading?

Please try to send us a meter reading once a month. This will help ensure your bills are accurate and based on the energy you’ve used.

If you’re on paperless billing, we’ll email you each month to remind you to send us your meter readings. Please try to do this within 5 days of receiving the email, so that we can use the reading for your next bill.

It’s no problem if you can’t send us a meter reading every month, this will just mean that your next bill will be estimated, based on previous readings, so it may not be as accurate.

However, the industry does expect us to collect at least one reading a year. We work with a company called Lowri Beck to collect these essential readings, which is why they might be in touch with you, even if you’re already providing us with regular meter readings.

How can I send in my meter readings?

If you're on supply with us and have created an online account, you can submit your meter reads via your account. If you don’t have an account, you can set one up.

Alternatively, you can send your meter reads to [email protected] or call us.

If you're a pre-payment customer, please either email or call us to provide your meter read.

If you’re not sure how to take a meter reading, then please read our step-by-step ‘How to read your meter’ guide.

What happens if I forget to send you a meter reading?

If you forget to provide a reading, it’s no problem. Please just send it in as soon as you can.

Please note that if your reading is more than 5 days after you’ve received your meter read request, we'll need to use an estimated reading to calculate your next bill.

Is it possible to submit an incorrect read?

Using your online account: It’s not possible to send us an incorrect read using your online account. You will see an error message which will ask you to try submitting the read again. If you keep seeing an error message, please call us.

By emailing us: If you send an incorrect meter reading by email, you’ll receive an email letting you know that the reads you have submitted have not been accepted and to please try and send your reads again to us.

You will have time to resubmit your reads during the month but if the reads are not accepted, your bill will be based on an estimated read based on your previous meter readings.

If you would like to speak to us to find out what may have gone wrong, please call us.

Over the phone: We’ll advise you if you have submitted an incorrect read over the phone, and help you to attain a correct one.

I’ve had a call / visit from Lowri Beck about my meter readings

Lowri Beck help us to collect meter readings and to fix and replace meters. Find out more about them.