Keeping it green, and local

20 April 2017

  • We ask Fig1 Director, Luke Macfadyen, why he’s keeping it green, and local.

Bristol has a thriving independent scene, packed with unique and quirky shops, cafes and start-up businesses. And of course its own independent energy company (that’s us). It even has its own currency, the Bristol Pound.

This week, we popped into Fig1, a gift homewares shop in the city and one of our newest green energy customers, to ask Director, Luke Macfadyen, why he’s keeping it green, and local:



"Too often business is ruled by markets and institutions, not by people. Surely business should serve people and not the other way round, otherwise what is it for?

"We want to do business with companies that share our ethics. For example many of the products we sell are fairly traded or made from recycled materials, and we hope to take Bristol Pounds at our new shop in Wapping Wharf.

"So switching to Bristol Energy is all part of our initiative to localise our supply chain where we can.

"Keeping things local not only to supports our economy but reduces pollution too, so choosing a green tariff was a natural choice. I was pleased to find it competitively priced compared to other suppliers too.

"No matter how hard you try to “shop local” - something we're super keen on as a local shop and as people who play an active part in our local community – it's hard to buy energy with that same ethos. Until now!

"If you can buy something as essential as energy from a company which reinvests locally this seems like a no-brainer."


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