Committed to protecting our future heat retail customers with the Heat Trust

11 December 2019

Our city has big plans for heat networks, as they have a vital role to play in meeting our 2030 decarbonisation target.

We’re excited about embracing the opportunity for Bristol Energy to offer heat services to local customers as buildings connect to this new energy infrastructure.

But before we embark on this journey, we need to set up governance to protect our future heat retail customers. We will register our heat network sites with the Heat Trust to give customers this certainty; making sure we provide outstanding customer service and consumer protection.

What is the Heat Trust?

The Heat Trust is all about protecting heat network customers. The scheme makes  customers accountable by:

  • Applying strict customer service standards to heat suppliers, similar to those for traditional gas and electricity suppliers.
  • Providing access to an independent dispute resolution service through the Energy Ombudsman.
  • Working with suppliers to promote best practice, innovation and continuous improvement in customer service.

Why were they set up?

The Heat Trust was launched in November 2015 as an independent, non-profit consumer champion for heat networks that holds the industry to account for the benefit of everyone involved.

The heat network sector is diverse, with thousands of individual heat network providers, of all shapes and sizes. The Heat Trust provides the sector with both structure and regulation.

Heat Trust’s standards of service include:

  • Support for vulnerable consumers

  • Responding to faults and emergencies

  • Guaranteed service payments for interruptions in supply

  • Metering and payments

  • Complaints handling, including access to the Energy Ombudsman

We fully support Heat Trust’s work to protect customers in the currently unregulated heat industry and will register our heat network sites with the scheme. It’s a positive way to demonstrate our commitment to being an honest and trustworthy supplier to our customers and the rest of the industry

- Sarah Diver, Market Development Manager, Bristol Energy.

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