Go green and give back

  • Bristol Energy launches unique renewable tariff

At Bristol Energy, we’re passionate about doing energy differently.

That’s why we’re really excited to have launched the My Green Plus tariff, making us the first energy company in the country to offer 100% green electricity, while reinvesting profits generated back into local communities. 

So with the My Green Plus tariff (currently available to all South West regions) our customers can make a positive difference to local communities and to the environment too. And every customer that chooses green helps us to support a far more sustainable energy industry.

It’s one more step in the exciting energy revolution taking place in our founding city, building on Bristol’s impressive reputation as a green and innovative city. (Bristol was the first city in the country to be granted European Green Capital status, has more cyclists than any other UK city and the lowest CO2 emissions of any major UK city too!)

“By offering a 100% green tariff at a fair price, we hope more people will choose energy that’s kinder to the planet, and to local communities,” says Bristol Energy Managing Director, Peter Haigh. “The more people that choose green, the more quickly we can help to clean up the nation’s energy – making energy more sustainable for all of us.”  

Bristol Energy customer, Tom, explains why he switched to the My Green Plus tariff: “When I saw that Bristol Energy had a 100% green option, it seemed an obvious choice. Every step away from coal and nuclear is worth taking. It also saved me money, but knowing where that money goes was the most important thing for me.”

We source our supply of renewable energy from generators across the country, from a local factory with solar panels on its roof to a National Trust hydroelectricity site in Snowdonia

We’re working hard to continuously expand our portfolio of the generators we work with, enabling us to provide even more green energy to customers right across the county and further lessen our environmental footprint.  


Switch to Bristol Energy’s My Green Plus tariff in minutes. 

Find out more about how we’re working with renewable generators and community energy projects