Fuel mix disclosure

Bristol Energy was launched in 2015 to make a positive difference. We want to help people power and heat their homes at fair prices. We also will deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to local people and businesses.  

We will be sustainable

We’re increasing low-carbon energy generation in the city over time and we’re aiming to manage a new district energy network, providing more efficient heat and power to the city.  

Our energy

We source our power from a wide range of sources. Moving forward our focus is on energy from cleaner and renewable sources to ensure that our environment is safeguarded for future generations. We intend to increase our renewable energy over time, while still ensuring we can achieve our social and economic objectives.

Bristol Energy are required by Ofgem to provide information about the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity supplied to our customers. We’re also required to report on any environmental impact.

We will publish our Fuel Mix Disclosure annually after we have been a supplier for 12 months. This Fuel Mix Disclosure will be published in January 2017.