Julian House: putting lives back together one bike at a time

Julian House team repairing a bike

Julian House are a homeless charity that do a whole lot more than simply provide shelter for the socially excluded.

They believe in a more holistic approach that looks to empower vulnerable people, giving them the tools they need to get their life back on track.

Since the late 1980s, Julian House have expanded their services into; homeless prevention, substance misuse, domestic violence prevention and their social enterprise, bike workshops. The work they do is changing the lives of people in the south west who have nowhere else to turn.

When occasionally we hear the comment that our clients choose to be homeless, it makes us quite cross. No one chooses to have a mental health illness and no one sets out to become addicted to class A drugs. Through our approach we have brought about all manner of change for our clients. It’s fantastic to see.

- Cecil, Fundraising and PR Manager, Julian House

Empowering people; Powered by Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy is helping provide power across all their sites, which includes their four bike workshop facilities in Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Shrewsbury. The workshops are Julian House's first social enterprise and have provided a space for their clients to develop important skills.

Cecil added:

It gives them a chance to get used to doing a proper job again; getting used to discipline, getting up in the morning and working alongside colleagues. It has multiple benefits; it improves their self-esteem, gives them extra skills, and puts them in a better position for going into the job market.

Encouraging sustainability

Not only are the workshops helping to rehabilitate their clients, but the nature of the business encourages people to waste less and cycle more; helping to better air quality, improve people’s health and get more cars off the road.

Choosing Bristol Energy as their supplier made sense for Julian House.

We did some comparisons to find the best supplier for our needs, not just in terms of finance, but customer service as well and Bristol Energy came out on top. They continue to be one of our best suppliers. 

- Becky Spokes, Finance team, Julian House

If you’re interested in switching to a sustainable supplier that can help with your business needs (multiple sites or otherwise), then get in touch with our team today at business@bristol-energy.co.uk they’ll be happy talk you through your options.

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